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VideoPoet: A Large Language Model for Zero-Shot Video Generation

Dan Kondratyuk*, Lijun Yu*, Xiuye Gu*, José Lezama*, Jonathan Huang*, Grant Schindler, Rachel Hornung, Vighnesh Birodkar, Jimmy Yan, Ming-Chang Chiu, Krishna Somandepalli, Hassan Akbari, Yair Alon, Yong Cheng, Josh Dillon, Agrim Gupta, Meera Hahn, Anja Hauth, David Hendon, Alonso Martinez, David Minnen, Mikhail Sirotenko, Kihyuk Sohn, Xuan Yang, Hartwig Adam, Ming-Hsuan Yang, Irfan Essa, Huisheng Wang, David A. Ross, Bryan Seybold*, Lu Jiang* (*Equal contribution)
In ICML (Oral), 2024