Training-free Monocular 3D Event Detection System for Traffic Surveillance

Lijun Yu, Peng Chen, Wenhe Liu, Guoliang Kang, Alexander G. Hauptmann

Published in Big Data, 2019

IEEE arXiv Talk

We focus on the problem of detecting traffic events in a surveillance scenario, including the detection of both vehicle actions and traffic collisions. Existing event detection systems are mostly learning-based and have achieved convincing performance when a large amount of training data is available. However, in real-world scenarios, collecting sufficient labeled training data is expensive and sometimes impossible (e.g. for traffic collision detection). Moreover, the conventional 2D representation of surveillance views is easily affected by occlusions and different camera views in nature. To deal with the aforementioned problems, in this paper, we propose a training-free monocular 3D event detection system for traffic surveillance. Our system firstly projects the vehicles into the 3D Euclidean space and estimates their kinematic states. Then we develop multiple simple yet effective ways to identify the events based on the kinematic patterns, which need no further training. Consequently, our system is robust to the occlusions and the viewpoint changes. Exclusive experiments report the superior result of our method on large-scale real-world surveillance datasets, which validates the effectiveness of our proposed system.

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